Arctic Flora Research Team

The Arctic Flora research team includes scientists from Canada, Alaska and Norway who share common interests in plants, their taxonomy, and the Arctic.  We work at museums, government departments and universities.

The Project Secretariat, based at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario, is responsible for leading, coordinating, and managing the project.  It includes two project co-leaders and a research assistant.

The Scientific Steering Committee includes the project co-leaders and one external scientist.  The steering committee is responsible for making major decisions about the research direction of the project, with input from the entire research team as necessary.

In addition to members of the project secretariat and steering committee, the Core Research Team includes eleven researchers who bring diverse and deep expertise to many aspects of the project.  The team includes internationally-recognized experts on the taxonomy of specific (and difficult) plant groups, the global arctic flora, and biodiversity informatics.

Project Secretariat (Canadian Museum of Nature)

Lynn Gillespie Project Co-Lead

Jeff Saarela Project Co-Lead

Paul Sokoloff Research Assistant

Scientific Steering Committee

Lynn Gillespie Jeff Saarela Bruce Ford

Research Team (alphabetical)

George Argus   Luc Brouillet   Roger Bull    Jacques Cayouette 

Alain Cuerrier   Jennifer Doubt   Reidar Elven   Steffi Ickert-Bond   James Macklin

David Murray   Tyler Smith  Julian Starr

Treatment Authors and Contributors (alphabetical)

Paul Catling   Stuart Hay   Tass Kelso

Geoff Levin   James Pringle   Heidi Solstad  Elizabeth Zacharias

Researcher Profiles

Dr. Lynn J. Gillespie

Research Scientist, Canadian Museum of Nature

Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa

View Lynn's Biography


Dr. Jeffery M. Saarela

Research Scientist, Canadian Museum of Nature

View Jeff's Biography

 R.D. Bull)

Dr. George Argus

Research Emeritus & Research Associate, Canadian Museum of Nature

View George's Biography

 J. Doubt).

Dr. Luc Brouillet

Professor and Curator of the Marie-Victorin Herbarium (MT), Université de Montréal

View Luc's Biography

Roger Bull, M.Sc.

Research Assistant, Canadian Museum of Nature

View Roger's Biography

 J.M. Saarela)

Dr. Jacques Cayouette

Research Scientist & Assistant Curator (DAO)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa

View Jacque's Biography

Jacques Cayouette, Îlets-Jérémie (salt marsh), Québec, 2 August 2008. (M. Lapointe)

Dr. Alain Cuerrier

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Université de Montréal

Botanist, Montreal Botanical Garden (MT)

View Alain's Biography

Jennifer Doubt, M.Sc.

Chief Collection Manager, Botany Section (CAN)

Canadian Museum of Nature

View Jennifer's Biography

 K. Shepherd).

Dr. Reidar Elven

Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden (O)

Oslo, Norway

View Reidar's Biography


Dr. Bruce Ford

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Curator, University of Manitoba Herbarium (WIN)

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

View Bruce's Biography

Bruce Ford on the summit of the President, Yoho National Park, 27 July 2007 (B. Llewellyn)

Dr. Steffi Ickert-Bond

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology and Wildlife

Curator of the Herbarium (ALA)

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

View Steffi's Biography

Dr. James Macklin

Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (DAO), Ottawa

View James' Biography

James Macklin, White Mountains, New Hampshire (K. Ponader)

Dr. David Murray

Professor of Botany and Curator Emeritus (ALA)

University of Alaska Museum of the North, Fairbanks

View David's Biography


Dr. Tyler Smith

Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (DAO), Ottawa

View Tyler's Biography

Paul Sokoloff, M.Sc.

Research Assistant, Canadian Museum of Nature

View Paul's Biography

Paul Sokoloff, northwest Victoria Island, Northwest Territories, July 2010 (J.M. Saarela)

Dr. Julian Starr

Research Scientist, Canadian Museum of Nature

Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

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