Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago: Descriptions, Illustrations, Identification, and Information Retrieval [CD-ROM]

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:S. G. Aiken, Dallwitz, M. J., Consaul, L. L., McJannet, C. L., Boles, R. L., Argus, G. W., Gillett, J. M., Scott, P. J., Elven, R., LeBlanc, M. C., Gillespie, L. J., Brysting, A. K., Solstad, H., Harris, J. G.
Publisher:NRC Research Press, National Research Council of Canada

This Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in DELTA electronic database format allows for illustrated, interactive identification of 352 taxa of vascular plants on the Arctic Islands of Canada. Floristic data were gathered by Susan Aiken (editor) and many contributors (see Contacts). Design of database structures and procedures were done by M.J. Dallwitz. The Poaceae treatment was first released on the web in 1995 (Aiken et al. 1996), Saxifragaceae in 1997 (Aiken et al. 1998), Salicaceae, Cyperaceae, and Fabaceae in 1999, Caryophyllaceae, Ranunculaceae, Juncaceae, and Liliaceae in 2000, Pteridophytes and several small families in 2001, and most remaining family treatments in 2003. This CD contains the first complete version of the new Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, fully revised with new data, discussions, photos, and updated maps, superceding all previous web releases. The information recorded includes place of valid publication, synonymy (usually limited to names that have been associated with the Canadian Arctic), common names, vegetative and floral morphological characters (many more than present floras of the area), distribution (often including information about the northernmost record of the taxon), and habitat. There are notes on ecology, indigenous knowledge, and economic uses, and other miscellaneous information. The database is illustrated with maps for each taxon, colour photographs and line drawings of the taxa and their habitats, and colour photographs and line drawings of characters useful for identification. The geographical scope of this study includes the islands of the Northwest Territories east of 127°W and the islands of Nunavut north of 60°N in northern Hudson Bay (including Southampton Island, White and Caribou Islands, Coats Island, Bencas Island, Digges and Mansel islands) and Akpotok Island in Ungava Bay.


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