Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago now available on the web

The published version of the Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago is now freely available on the Canadian Museum of Nature's website: http://nature.ca/en/research-collections/our-research/areas-expertise/botany/flora-canadian-arctic-archipelago. This interactive flora by Susan Aiken et al. (2007) covers the 347 taxa of vascular plants found on the Arctic Archipelago of Canada.  This flora was initially published as a CD-Rom by NRC Press and the Canadian Museum of Nature, and is available for purchase through the above website. The online version includes an erratum, but is otherwise identical to the published CD version. The Flora will eventually be superseded by the Arctic Flora of Canada and Alaska.  This new online version of the Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago replaces the older out-of-date version that was previously available online. 

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